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Brenda Tjaden

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Brenda Tjaden is not just a seasoned market analyst; she's a force of nature in the world of agriculture and food economics. Starting her career as a grain trader in 1997, Brenda quickly realized she could make a bigger impact by going solo. She founded a groundbreaking grain marketing advisory, brokerage, and technology firm in 2004, based on her Master’s thesis model for maximizing farm profits through optimized selling decisions.

Passionate about agricultural policy, Brenda has been a tireless advocate for effective farm leadership and innovative approaches like monetizing regenerative agriculture. Her latest venture, Prairie Routes, is a consultancy that dives deep into farmland management, supply chains, market development, and the economics of modern agribusiness, including hot topics like climate finance and ESG reporting.

Over her 25-year career, Brenda has not only led businesses but also educated the industry. She's delivered hundreds of courses, keynotes, and panel discussions and has been the driving force behind numerous conferences, workshops, and focus groups.

Whether you're interested in commodities, market development, carbon pricing, or the intricacies of food supply chains, Brenda has the curiosity and research savvy to make sense of the future.


She publishes twice-weekly, 100% independent and purpose-driven economic analysis on Substack:

Paige Fehr, AAg, is a dedicated agricultural professional based in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. Holding a BSc. in Crop Science from the University of Guelph, an MSc. in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan, and an Agronomy Certificate from Olds College, Paige has a strong educational foundation in the agricultural industry.


Her experience as an educator in the regenerative agriculture space has allowed Paige to hone her skills and refine her passion for innovation and environmental stewardship in the industry. She has collaborated with various stakeholder groups to promote the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices in Western Canada, showcasing her commitment to sustainable farming and community engagement.


With a diverse background in multiple agricultural sectors, Paige is well-equipped to tackle the complexities of the modern farming landscape.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Paige enjoys spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, camping, and fishing. Paige is also increasingly involved with the family farming operation.

Paige Fehr

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Scott Kemp

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Meet Scott Kemp. Hailing from southwestern Manitoba, Scott has become a prominent figure in regenerative agricultural finance.

His approach? Merging practicality with profitability, all while championing sustainability. Scott's roots in farming give him a unique perspective, allowing him to understand both the broad vision and the day-to-day intricacies of the industry.

With a solid foundation in finance, economics, and international relations, Scott bridges the gap between theory and practice. He's adept at navigating the financial intricacies of regenerative agriculture and is attuned to the evolving consumer demand for sustainable food and wellness.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Scott is an accomplished athlete. He's competed at the national level in rowing, and internationally in triathlon and ultramarathons. These experiences underscore his appreciation for the role of nutrition and sustainable food systems in overall well-being.

Scott's true strength? Communication. He has a talent for making complex topics like regenerative agriculture understandable and relevant, whether he's addressing farmers, athletes, or business leaders.


Outside of his work, Scott is an avid nature enthusiast. He often explores the outdoors with his family, drawing inspiration from the land that fuels his passion and work.

As a speaker, Scott combines his vast experience with a genuine commitment to regenerative agriculture. He's dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for agriculture, engaging audiences one conversation at a time. Join Scott as he shares insights, knowledge, and a deep-rooted passion for the land and its promise.

From a small mixed farm to pioneering regenerative agriculture, Arlie LaRoche's journey has been about growth, sustainability, and a passion for food. A native of eastern SK, her roots are deeply intertwined with the farming culture.


After exploring the world and immersing herself in environmental consulting, she was drawn back to the soil. Alongside her husband, Brett, they transformed a personal passion project into the thriving Farm One Forty.


It was a workshop with renowned sustainable agriculture expert, Joel Salatin, that catapulted Farm One Forty from a hobby farm to a recognized local business. Farm One Forty isn't just a farm; it's an experience. Nestled near Saskatoon, it boasts pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef and lamb, the sweetest honey, and vibrant yields of seasonal vegetables and grains.


For Arlie, Farm One Forty is more than a business; it's a movement. With agritourism becoming a significant pillar of her business, immersive experiences and exquisite on-farm dinners offer visitors a taste of the land's bounty. She's on a mission to bridge the divide between bustling cities and tranquil farms, aiming to reintroduce people to the origins of their food.


Embracing the global trend of farm-to-table dining and the renaissance of local produce, 2019 marked a new chapter with the launch of Odla Restaurant & Market on Broadway in Saskatoon. A gastronomic celebration of the province's rich produce, Odla sources its ingredients predominantly from Farm One Forty and other local farms, epitomizing Arlie's vision: simple, delicious, and deeply rooted in the land.



Ben Adolph

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Ben Adolph, a devout environmentalist and a champion of regenerative farming practices, co-founded Merge Impact in 2023, bringing a game-changing perspective to the global food system.


Growing up on a farm in Northwest Illinois, Adolph’s deep-rooted connection to the land ignited a passion for creating a food system that is transparent, sustainable, and nourishing for the Earth, its communities, and human health.


With over a decade of experience in agronomy and sustainability management in the fertilizer industry, Adolph’s expertise spans plant nutrition, sustainability validation, and advanced data analytics.


Adolph’s journey in sustainable agriculture was profoundly influenced by his observation of the local farmlands’ paradox – abundant yet disconnected from the nourishment of its stewards and nearby communities. This insight, coupled with the recognition that a significant portion of a crop’s environmental impact originates at its source, catalyzed the creation of Merge Impact. This platform is a testament to his commitment to revolutionizing the agricultural sector.


Under Adolph’s leadership Chief Impact Officer, Merge is setting new standards in the agricultural sector, empowering farmers and food brands alike to make significant strides in environmental stewardship and sustainability. His work is not just a business endeavor but a mission to transform the way the world produces and consumes food, fostering a healthier planet for future generations of healthier humans.

Beth Robertson-Martin brings over a decade of deep food supply chain relationships to her position as co-founder and CEO at Merge Impact.


Robertson-Martin recently served as Director of Commodities and Risk Management at General Mills, where she worked with brands like  Annie’s, Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, Epic Snacks, Larabar, and Nature Valley. During her tenure, she focused on creating strategies to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective, and more sustainable regenerative supply chain. In addition to her work at General Mills, she founded SHINE Sourcing and Supply Chain Solutions, which created insights-driven sourcing to meet the needs of small and mid-size food brands, ingredient companies, restaurants, and school lunch programs.


As CEO of Merge Impact, Robertson-Martin is focused on connecting food brands to fully verified regenerative supply chains by creating new alliances and breaking down barriers. She utilizes her diverse and extensive experience to assist mission-based brands in delivering traceable, verifiable, scalable, and credible data to achieve their climate goals.


Currently, Robertson-Martin is the president of the Xerces Society Board, which is an international nonprofit organization that protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.  

Beth Robertson-Mart

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Kevin Elmy 

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I moved to the family seed farm in eastern Saskatchewan in 1999. After realizing I purchased dirt not soil, in 2000 we started to change our management to what now is referred to as regenerative agriculture. We reduced our tillage, our reliance on synthetic fertilizer and biocides, increased our plant diversity and integrated livestock.


In 2008 we started cover cropping.


We started Cover Crops Canada in 2011, setting up retail locations around the prairies. We sold the farm in 2021 so I can focus on consulting and coaching producers to design their regenerative system and train them to think differently, biologically.

Tamara is a lionhearted woman, mother, sister and daughter, living in the beautiful Okanagan.

She works as a yoga + meditation teacher, visualization guide and astrologer, weaving into her work all the ways that nature is part of who we are. That we are not outside of nature, but that we are nature and that what we see in our outer life is often a reflection of what is going on inside of us. She created a Listening to your Inner Voice series for Prairie Routes and has taught yoga at conferences to farmers and Agricultural professionals, in jeans nonetheless, who connected with the offbeat and casual way she teaches.

She has raised thousands of dollars and spent innumerable hours fundraising and working with causes such as women empowerment, girls education and nature stewardship organizations. In 2019, Tamara did a TEDx talk for Kelowna Women barefoot, to stay connected to her message. Shortly after, she organized the First Canadian Summit on Climate Action in Food Systems with her co-creator Brenda Tjaden. In 2020, she built a tiny offgrid cabin by hand and hammer. She has a big spirit, but a light touch.

Tamara has the highest level of respect for those that work in reverence to the land and all living things. Her big message is to remember the interconnection we weave with everything around us and to live our lives so that each breath has meaning: to live our lives so that we are fully alive.

Tamara is passionate about bringing depth to the agriculture world and to help farmers tune inwards and listen to their intuition.

Tamara McLellan

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